Honors Her True Latin American Essence and Roots with New Album «Yo soy»

Courtesy: DIAM Music

Experience the Visual Journey: “Como La Cigarra” Shot in the Stunning Landscape of Salta, Argentina, the Music Video Premieres Simultaneously with the Album Release

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Miami, FL. (May 10, 2024) – «Yo Soy,» … that is the resounding message of Amanda Miguel‘s new album, with which she honors her cultural identity and connects with her Argentine roots like never before. Beyond being an album, the production, which includes 10 musical gems, is a tribute to the great classics of Latin American Folklore that come to life through Amanda Miguels powerful voice. Released under DIAM Music, Amanda Miguel presents this musical project as the most important of her career, telling the world «Yo Soy.»

Produced by Argentine musician and producer Pablo Ahmad, has been a true introspective journey for Amanda Miguel. With each song, Amanda feels a deep connection to her way of thinking and perceiving life. «Music is CULTURE, and this album is full of what this world so desperately needs, the real sense of us human beings,» expressed the recipient of the prestigious Latin Recording Academy’s Musical Excellence Award.

Amanda Miguel dedicates this special project to her beloved homeland, Argentina, while sharing with people her most personal side, her essence, her roots and her memories, feeling 100% Latin American. In celebration of this unique masterpiece, the album features special collaborations with important personalities of Latin American folklore, including León Gieco in «Solo Le Pido a Dios,» Piero in «Soy Pan, Soy Paz, Soy Más,» and Soledad Pastorutti in «Balderrama.»

Alongside with the release of «Yo Soy,» the focus track and music video «Como La Cigarra» is premiered, representing a true testimony to the human ability to die and be reborn, like the cicada that emerges to sing, once again. The music video was directed by Raúl Ramón and his team in Salta, Argentina, with whom Amanda Miguel lived for more than 1 month while visiting multiple locations throughout her native Argentina to film the spectacular visuals captured in the «Yo Soy» videos.

Courtesy: DIAM Music

As a prelude to the album release, Amanda Miguel premiered the songs Todo Cambia, “Solo Le Pido a Dios”, Soy Pan, Soy Paz, Soy Más” and Balderrama. Each of these songs reflect her identity and essence, marking a stage of her life and whose common thread is not only nostalgia but also the purest expression of Latin American musical art.

“YO SOY” Tracklist: 

  1. Sólo le pido a Dios
  2. Balderrama
  3. Como la cigarra (Focus track)
  4. Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón
  5. Todo cambia
  6. Soy pan, soy paz, soy más
  7. No dejen que el chino hable
  8. Alfonsina y el mar
  9. Engañera
  10. Honrar la vida

With this masterpiece, Amanda Miguel will be performing on May 10th and 11th in California, before embarking on her Latin America tour. For more information, visit the artist’s website HERE.